Go beyond clearing, processing, and healing to a life consciously designed and created!


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Unleash the powerful, magnetic you into effortless abundance!

Quantum Journeys is a method developed by April Olas that quickly and effectively removes subconscious blocks and programming and activates a new perspective about yourself and the world around you, freeing you to make different choices and create something new in your life.

Each of us is constantly emitting an energetic frequency which has attracted everything in our life. This work gives you the tools to change your frequency to the station where obstacles cease to exist.

You will go beyond clearing, processing, and healing to a life consciously designed and created. It’s that easy, and it’s that effective! 

Some of the top areas where people report immediate improvements

Increases in Money, Abundance and Receiving

Balanced Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Freedom from Addictions

Developing Healthy, Happy Relationships

Freedom from Stress, Anxiety, and Feeling "Stuck"

Ease in Weight Loss

Increased Confidence and Self Esteem

Thriving beyond Trauma and Abuse

Awakening Passion for Life and Creativity

Personal Sessions

Live, one on one personal sessions. Work with April directly to achieve your goals and reach higher states of consciousness

Live Events

Daily Energy Transmissions, Group Calls, and Live Workshops


Choose from a selection of class programs, guided meditations with activations, and energetic clearings

Recent Articles

It’s All in the Nuances…

You know that saying "hindsight is 20/20"? Well, it's often true - and it often applies to patterns you've moved beyond, things you've cleared and healed and no longer live. More often than not you can look back and see how your perspective and mindset was so...

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Mastermind Program Begins August 1st

Mastermind Program Begins August 1st

In our Mastermind Program, we'll be fine tuning your creative life skills - getting your personal questions about the process answered, discovering and releasing any remaining blocks to applying what you've learned and achieving what you want, and having a consistent...

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Choose Love, Choose Happiness In Your Now!

In these times of what seems like continuous global struggle, war, and tragedy - what can we do to contribute to the solutions? Choose love, choose happiness in your now. It may seem too simple, or even trite in light of the horrors going on around the world on a...

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What April’s clients are saying

There are no magic potions or pills, BUT there is April! She will clear the way for you, and if you invest the time in yourself, YOU WILL BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF YOU EVER!
Jeanette Kaufmann

The sharing, the happy words and actions, the support, the non-judgement; the laughter and the joy are so poignant, the wisdom shared; your questions are never ignored, always insight is given.
Judi Nelson

April Olas lays out a framework for developing and maintaining your optimal “Conscious Connected Self”.- i.e. basic lifelong daily ‘good for the soul’ habits – as easy as (and as important as) brushing your teeth or eating your Wheaties.- for living your Authentic Highest Expression.
Brandon Brown

.. I LOVE how you are constantly reinventing & re-envisioning things, April – it just feels so real!!!!! In a word, I recommend this program & all of the tools you offer & the support of the FB group as a totally amazing re-boot for joyous being.
Sarah French