Finding Your Happy Place Program


This program is about how to truly live in joy and be happy and fulfilled in your life. It’s about the practical application and mastering of the life skills needed to consciously create whatever you choose instead of being swept along in the tide of outside influences, situations, and circumstances that are seemingly out of your control. You can choose your own focus and intent for what you want in your life – and step by step you will create it.


Finding Your Happy Place

Quantum Journeys’ Foundation Program

This program is about how to truly live in joy and be happy and fulfilled in your life. It’s about the practical application and mastering of the life skills needed to consciously create whatever you choose instead of being swept along in the tide of outside influences, situations, and circumstances that are seemingly out of your control. You can choose your own focus and intent for what you want in your life – and step by step you will create it.

In this program, April will clear the path for you and then show you how to bring about the reality that you desire, while also teaching you how to get clearer guidance from your own Higher Self. This program requires active participation, as it will empower and awaken you with the knowledge and tools you need to deliberately create the life you choose. April will hold the state and show you the way, but only you can practice and use them in your own life. Feeling empowered and free and knowing you can handle whatever shows up in life is incredibly liberating, and manifesting becomes a breeze once you’ve mastered these techniques!

We will be doing this Together, you will be part of a Powerful Group Community that will Inspire, Uplift, and Support you to your manifestation of Joy, Happiness, and Abundance, in whatever form that takes for YOU!

*Each module is a recording of a previous live class call. These are not live calls.


Module 1 (1:20) – Guided activation to surrender your problems to Source and find the feeling place of allowing yourself to receive.

Case study clearings:

How do I manifest the big stuff, finding my purpose, how do I know what I really want, staying motivated, applying the tools on a daily basis, starting a new business (or a new job), financially safe – security, fear of lack, letting in more than ‘just enough’, overwhelm, stagnation, fear, past trauma, and more.

Module 2 (1:05) – Guided activation: Anchoring in your Galactic Self and living from the heart.

Case study clearings:

Procrastination, self sabotage, limitations of the analytical mind in creating what you want, fear of outside circumstances, fear of change and letting go, taking care of others but not yourself, lack of commitment to yourself, developing new habits that serve you best, making money, releasing debt, unhappy job, and more.

Module 3 (1:13) – Case study clearings and Q&A

Releasing ascension symptoms and moving through change with ease and grace, holding higher frequency energy, leaving relationships that are not working for you, bending timelines, releasing the trauma of loss, taking on other people’s ‘stuff’, releasing the need to control outside circumstances, becoming a healer and teacher, being open to all avenues of abundance, and much more.

Module 4 (1:15) – Q&A , Case study clearings, and Manifesting your Big Dreams activation! 

Allowing your gifts and skills to flow easily, releasing negative expectations of the future, resistance to doing what it takes to make changes in your life, self respect, how to change a situation that seems hopeless, sending conflicting signals to the universe, bringing in the things that mean the most to you, and so much more!

Daily Exercises

This is where the magic happens! You will get a 4 week series of audio and written guidance and instructions with daily exercises and tools to practice on your own that will help you break old habits of unconsciously manifesting what you don’t want and begin to focus in the direction you want to go. These exercises are your homework, the part where YOU take action to create what you want! You will spend a few minutes each day doing simple things that will change the course of your day – and your life. These exercises are easy and fun, but incredibly effective.

You will quite literally be rewiring your brain and changing the chemistry of your body to support a better feeling ‘normal’ that will bring clarity in ways you’ve never experienced before. From an energetic perspective, you will be raising your vibration and embodying higher frequencies. This is where the magic happens, and it requires your active participation and willingness to be mindful throughout your day.

Bonus – Join The Private Facebook Group!!

Our Magical Happy Place – Everybody wants to know how to get into my private community – our closed Facebook group. This program is the only way in! This is your go-to Happy Place! On this page we will share our Experiences, Improvements, Progress, Synchronicities, what we are Appreciating today, anything that made you Laugh or Smile, and all of the beautiful and amazing things that are happening for everyone throughout this journey. April actively participates on this page daily and you will learn a lot through everyone’s interactions here. This is where we get to know each other and become friends. This is unlike any other group page you’ve been a part of, in this group we’re a family. Active Happy Place members get to remain in the Facebook group and we continue to connect.***

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Here’s What People Have to Say

This program is Life changing, awe inspiring, miracle producing results. Beyond ANYTHING I have experienced before in a lifetime of inner work and spiritual exploration. Watching the members of this group flow into the miracle zone is making me want to do cartwheels.…We have been lifted through the gateway into the field of miracles. It is completely blowing my inter dimensional socks off to watch what is happening here, to watch people blossom into this new reality. I have dreamt of this my whole life, but didn’t know how to get here. Things I thought would never change have shifted and this is only the first two weeks! – Jeni Driver

I am busy busy handling what I had tried to manifest years ago, and now it happens all at once. A secure home, loving boyfriend, ease with difficult people, putting myself out there, getting rewards, feeling cheerful no matter what glitches happen. Thank you April! It feels like dominoes based on you bringing so many concepts together for me. It clicks. It is magic. The pace is fast, but I know I will make decisions well and take time to enjoy everything too! …This program brought all the puzzle pieces together for me – Julia Lambert

April’s program goes beyond!!! Beyond other programs, beyond clearing, beyond getting into your own power… It does all that and more!! It gets you to a place of feeling your own power of creation, shifting your perspective to the positive, turning your life around in the direction you want to go, getting into your happy flow, manifesting the things you want, getting aware on deep deep layers how all we do is create and manifest with every thought, word, reaction and feeling AND flowing into a life full of abundance, fun and all the other things YOU love, like and want!!! It’s inspiring, fun, empowering, so so so uplifting and works on deep and subtle levels at the same time Anything and everything is possible and April and her program show you all that and more. The program and all the tools that come with it, will get you to raise your vibe and flow into a place where of allowing, trusting and being open to receive all of the good, happy stuff life has in store for you!! …Beyond MAGICAL – Helene

I have been at this for a while and have listened to lots of healers and have bought lots of packages trying to find the magic solution. I am truly thankful for the journey because it brought me to April. Once I found April… the search was over. There IS MAGIC and there are MIRACLES. But nothing happens if you continue doing the same negative things over and over again and continue relying on the healer to heal you without you doing any work. This is what sets April apart from everyone else. She gently and lovingly reminds us that we are powerful creators and that we are the ones that have created the life we are living. And, if the life we are living is not what we desire, we have the power to change it. And with April’s teachings and guidance we learn to do just that. April teaches us how to focus on what is working, how to take our power back, how to be responsible for our lives. AND the result of our work is MAGIC and MIRACLES – Evangelina

April I must tell you — I received a monetary gift of a lifetime!! A week ago I allowed myself to dream huge amounts. What do you know manifestation is a powerful tool and yes I manifested that amount that I dreamed of. I am hear to tell everyone — you can start off small however at some point dream the biggest dream and amount you could ever imagine. Don’t be surprised when you get it — you did the work — you deserve it!!!! I love you April Olas. I can never thank you enough. I ask Source/God to bless you with your biggest dream ever!!! You helped make mine come true!!! I send you blessings and love. I bless the day I heard your call and bought your mp3s. They are magic! – Sandy S.

April is an amazing one of a kind healer that is refreshingly down to earth, humorous and full of wisdom, who shares what she has come to know in a very tangible and powerful way. April offers simple and fun tools and everyday exercises that creates magic if you incorporate them into your life – and she uses her unique healing abilities to support your journey. My life has made a magical turn since I started to work with April and it has improved in every area in amazing ways! I’m the one doing the work creating this new awesome life – but April provided the tools, happy, loving support and assisted me opening up my awareness of what is possible for all of us. She has a beautiful, happy loving heart and will never be your guru – because she knows that we all have the same ability to become conscious creators of our lives. I love April and I think you will too! And even better – you will love yourself! – Maria in Sweden

The talent of April Olas is priceless. I too have been doing self help for over 30 years. I have seen better results from working with April, than any of the others. Life is better, I am happier and people are noticing. What she teaches resonates with me, and I listen to at least 3 or 4 MP3s every day, sometimes running the silent ones in the background. I LOVE the Facebook group, a group of kind, helpful, funny, like minded people from all walks of life and from all over the world, with BIG hearts and they definitely make my day. I have tried other programs but no one and I really mean NO ONE has given more of herself in any of these programs than April. She is always in Facebook and on her calls helping all of us, to have better happier lives. She definitely walks the talks. April is amazing. heart emoticon Thank you, April, my life is better because of you. – Patti Womack

I have been playing April’s MP3’s for a few months and signed up for her last class and have seen a HUGE difference in my life. I have read so many books and played so many CD’s that I honestly thought I knew it all until April showed up and really showed me WHY my practices weren’t working. My energy and manifesting abilities have really increased since I have been working with April. I am a HUGE fan of hers for LIFE!! – Donna

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