Daily Energy Transmissions

Daily Energy Transmissions

July 2nd – 29th, 2017, $99

Every day for 28 days, I will be clearing active resistance and moving the energetic obstacles out of your way so that your daily path to creating what you want is easier for you.

These transmissions will clean up your energy field and release old patterns of suffering that keep you stuck in the cycles of your problems. I will also be anchoring in higher frequencies of support, ease and flow throughout your day, confidence and well-being, ease in communication, feeling energized, and much, much more. Your progress will continue moving higher and higher with this energetic support!

For this round, the Daily Energy Transmissions will be done each morning at 8:00am Pacific / 9:00am Mountain / 10:00am Central / 11:00am Eastern, and last for about 15 minutes. *Start times may vary slightly on occasion when a scheduling conflict arises.

This group energy work is done remotely and does not involve live communication, so there aren’t any calls or meetings to attend. You can sit in silence or meditation with me at that time if you would like to, but it is not necessary to do this in order to receive the energy, some people just like to because they enjoy feeling it. You don’t have to do anything at all, simply focus in the direction you want to go and receive the support that is flowing into your day, your relationships, your work, and your body!

Daily Energy Transmission comments:

Hi April,I just want to say thank you so much for the energy transmissions and all the pretty incredible information. I felt like I learned a great deal. Having your transmissions daily was for me so calming. I was not worried about the drama around the elections-I felt neutral and peaceful. I can see how around world events, I am in a very neutral place. I love it! You have a wonderful, easy-going way of sharing very deep concepts and you have a sweet, humorous way with a lot of integrity! Thanks and much love to you, Anna

I started DETs with April in the past couple months. Oh the joy of witnessing the changes in myself! How I feel and how I react have changed in shifts that aren’t subtle. One week I noticed a different willingness to surrender as a response instead of resisting. Another week I became aware of my perspective change, to seeing “it” all as a game of sorts. For the last few days I’ve been laughing out loud where I may have only smiled on the inside previously. It feels like more health, higher vibration, natural resilience and a clear runway to manifesting great stuff. Thank you April. Thank you generous Universe. ~ Kari

I felt it start in my solar plexus, like a cool breeze, as it moved up into my heart center. The “cool” sensation stayed with me, like I had a window open and a nice breeze blowing in. It was “sensation”-al!!!!! … Feeling wonderful and as I was thinking about my thinking and no “stinking thinking”, I realized how much more positive my thoughts and feelings are and how quickly I catch myself. – Sue P.C.

I was at the meeting at work at the time of transmission and suddenly I felt an amazing energy flow throughout my body, everything vibrating I saw rainbows and a lot of light around me…love those sensations. It was really cool. And made my meeting much more interesting :)) – Angela M.

This morning was amazing for me too! I was getting ready for my day, and not paying attention to the clock. All of a sudden I felt a whooshing of energy moving throughout my solar plexus. I thought, is it that time already? I looked and it was exactly time. Tons of release this morning. I feel very positive today! – Laura R.

I felt it immediately as well. Wiping my kitchen counters down this morning knowing that the transmission would start soon. I started to feel in when the clock said 8:29, looked at my phone and yes my clock was 1 minute off….) I have continued to feel it throughout the day when I stop and am silent 🙂 – Tynna V.W.

…I loved the energy from the moment I woke up felt so much brighter. Many thanks April! Nina L.

Hi everybody! This morning’s energy session was amazing! It was so relaxing and felt sooo good! I totally needed that. Still enjoying waves now and again; so glad I signed up for this! Thank you April! – Rebekah S.

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