The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about Quantum Journeys.

What is Quantum Journeys

Quantum Journeys can be described as a process of healing, transformation, and self empowerment through applied quantum physics and universal Source energy. Everything you want, need, and desire is already there inside you like a seed waiting to flower. April has the gift of holding a state of connection with the quantum field- Source- while activating that within you. Through this field we also eliminate limiting beliefs, programs, trauma, and blocks held in the subconscious mind and replace them with positive programs quickly and effectively. Science has proven that when we change beliefs in the subconscious mind, the neural pathways in our brain start to rewire themselves instantaneously, creating new pathways of processing information in the brain from an entirely new perspective. As a result, we stop thinking and behaving in old, negative, repetitive, reactive patterns that aren’t working for us and have a clean slate to make different choices and move forward. As we watch our destructive thought patterns disappear – new opportunities in life present themselves, relationships change, health improves, and we begin to live a new life of peace, joy, and fulfillment. Perhaps the most striking aspect of Quantum Journeys is its creation of empowered human beings that eventually are so dynamic, creative, and free as to no longer need any outside help. Life becomes a never-ending series of pleasant surprises and new adventures created deliberately and consciously from a place of power and aliveness. With April’s guidance, you will regain your connection to that which is capable of creating anything, and will allow you to go forth and shine your light, at its highest potential, into the world.

What Quantum Journeys is NOT
Quantum Journeys is not psychotherapy or counseling. You will not talk for endless hours about everything that has happened in your past and how you feel about it, and then be sent on your way. This work is about doing something to change what you don’t want in your life. This is about breaking the cycle and changing the outcome by changing the way you think and feel in the now.

Quantum Journeys encourages self empowerment, self responsibility, and self sufficiency. In addition to the work done for you during your session, you will learn tools to deal with challenges as they arise in the moment. You will be taught how to let go of negative thoughts and feelings and begin to create your life how you want it to be. Using the tools you will learn is completely up to you. The more consistently you use them, the better the results you will achieve. The work done for you during your session will result in big changes in many ways, but one session will not fix every problem in your life. The number of sessions needed to achieve your goals varies by individual and is completely up to you. You must continue on your own using the tools given if you want to maintain ongoing shifts and progress.

What happens during a session?
Sessions are done over the phone. During a session, the issues to be addressed are discussed in detail and then the work begins. The client will simply close their eyes and relax while the work is being done. Part of this may include guided visualizations and focusing on the breath. At the end of the session, I will answer any additional questions you may have.

People usually feel very uplifted, inspired, and have a greater sense of clarity about their situations and decisions after a session. This comes from a greater understanding of why they are where they are, and how to move forward in the direction they choose. The feelings of being subjected to forces outside of one’s own control, or being a victim, are replaced with a new sense of empowerment and peace. People who are sensitive, or highly intuitive, easily feel the energy shifting through them during the session.

Getting the most from your session
Make sure you are well hydrated before your appointment. If you are having a phone appointment, please give yourself a quiet, uninterrupted space to enjoy your session. If possible, allow for some relaxation time after your session for reflection and feeling the new energy. If you are experiencing challenging periods in your life or multiple problems, a series of sessions is recommended. At other times, you may wish to schedule periodic “tune-ups” to assist you in achieving your goals or accelerate the healing process.
Can I send you an email about what I want to talk about prior to the session?
While it can be very helpful to put your thoughts together by writing down what you’d like to talk about and bringing that list to your session, I will not have additional time to read your story and look into your situation prior to your session, so please do not email it to me. During your session you can tell me about what you would like to address and we’ll get right to it.
Are there any negative side effects?
This work does not cause a “healing crisis”. There is no reason why symptoms or feelings should get worse before they get better. Most alternative therapies suggest that these side effects are part of their process. We are working through the quantum field and the mind to allow change and heal the body, and can achieve greater progress more efficiently without any such side effects.
What are you doing during the meditative part of the session when you are 'working' on me?
By lowering the brainwave frequency we gain access to the quantum field of infinite possibilities where we can consciously change subconscious beliefs to be in alignment with what we truly desire, and so much more. We can also heal, create, and manifest from this state. During this part of the session, I am connecting to your subconscious mind through this state and shifting your beliefs, healing trauma, cleaning up your energy field, resetting your physical and energetic systems, and opening the door for the best possible outcome for you in the quantum field.

I am also holding the frequency of oneness where there is no resistance present. In this state we allow all the things we desire in life to flow to us because our thoughts and beliefs are not active, and therefore blocking, those things. When you are in this state where no resistance is present, the body heals itself and joyful experiences show up quickly in our lives. Happiness, good health, abundance, and well being are your natural state, and when you have no resistance present those things naturally flow to you. It is our resistance, which presents itself in the form of negative thoughts fueled by beliefs, that cuts off that flow. Entering this state raises your vibrational frequency and the more you do it, the longer you can maintain that happy feeling you get from it.

What is distance healing?
Distance healing is a term that refers to a healing session where the practitioner and the client are not in the same room together. Sessions are often conducted over the phone.

While it may seem strange that a healing practitioner can help someone so profoundly over the phone, please consider that this work does not involve any physical contact or connection between practitioner and client. From the scientific perspective, there is no time or space in the quantum field. The principle of Entanglement (among others) in quantum physics further explains how this happens. I always suggest clients look further into quantum physics if they want to understand more about how distance healing works. This usually isn’t necessary for most people, as the results they experience provide more than enough proof.

Do I have to believe in it for it to work?

 We are working with the subconscious mind and the neural net pathways in the brain through the quantum field, which is the Source of all that is, or God force energy. If you hold programming or a belief system that is not in alignment with the progress or healing that you desire, then we address and shift that in your session.