Mastermind Intensive


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In our Mastermind Intensive Workshop, we’ll be fine tuning your creative life skills in a much more up-close and personal way. This is for everyone who is ready to make a quantum leap in their consciousness and experience, and ready to do the work to get there. If you’re one who ‘gets it’ on an intellectual level but have had a hard time implementing that wisdom in your daily life in an effective enough way to change your circumstances, this class is for you. If you’ve been stuck, at a plateau, if you want to achieve certain things in life but haven’t been able to get there –  OR if you’re doing pretty good and would like things to get waaay better, this is for you!

The Intensive is essentially a live workshop experience in an online format that is spaced out over three weeks to accommodate everyone’s busy lives. We can’t all take weeks off to travel, but we can still get that kind of powerful group field and momentum going as we come together every day for three weeks in this immersion experience. You won’t be overwhelmed, but you will be challenged. This is unlike anything else we’ve ever done before, so get ready for some amazing experiences!

Our focus is to increase self awareness and master your mind, and therefore your conscious creation skills.  This is applicable to absolutely everything in your life no matter what your main goals are. We’ll be applying the wisdom you’ve learned from previous classes in a very hands-on, practical way each day – and as always, taking the magic even further. In this class, I’ll be holding your hand and helping you fine tune where you’ve been getting in your own way without realizing it, and pointing you back in the right direction on the specific things you are working on each day. This isn’t about clearing your specific problems, this about learning to create a different reality entirely where those problems don’t exist anymore and a completely new experience has replaced them. This is where you move beyond things that you want to finally be done with, and manifest or achieve things that you’ve been wanting to bring into your experience – all while becoming the happiest and best version of yourself. You’ll be developing an entirely new way of thinking and being – and you’ll know without a doubt how to move through any situation or circumstance, and into exactly what you want.

We will be upping our game big time, and it requires you to be all in. A willingness to surrender the limitations you’ve been practicing is essential, and Active Participation is a requirement to join. The group dynamic is part of the magic, so sitting on the sidelines is not an option for this one. Everybody will be posting and interacting each day as we work toward your individual goals together. Every person’s questions, inspiration, successes, and ah-ha moments help everyone else in the group, and the momentum gets really powerful when everyone shows up. If you’re used to being a silent partner in our group, it’s your time to shine your light and let yourself be supported by the rest of us! The benefits you’ll gain from taking that leap will be well worth it.

I’ve structured this in a way that anybody can do it, no matter how busy you are. You will need to set aside some time in the morning when you get up, and some time at night before bed to do what you need to do, as well as a few minutes at some point each day to check in with the group online. You’ll also need to be willing to keep your head in the game throughout the day. I’ll teach you ways to be more successful with that, but you’ll need to take 3-5 minutes here and there throughout the day to do the work.

Each day we will have uplifting material to study that re-directs your focus in a way that builds a solid foundation and gains momentum toward your goal. There will be some exercises and/or homework to do along the way as well. It won’t be hard, not at all. It will be so easy and it will feel so good to do it that you’ll find yourself looking forward to it once you get rolling.

We will have a private forum where we will meet up daily. I will be available on the forum for a while each day to answer your questions and talk about our focus for the day. If you aren’t able to be on exactly when I’m on, you’ll be able to post your questions and I’ll answer them for you when I’m on.

We’ll also have three live calls during the three week intensive, on Wednesdays at 10am Pacific / 11am mountain / 12 pm Central / 1pm Eastern (call time might be adjusted, but I’ll let you know well in advance). We’ll be having a discussion on our topic, doing a guided activation, and taking your live questions and sharing on each call. They’ll last as long as they need to, probably a bit longer than our previous calls. Calls will be recorded and available to download, so if you can’t make the live call you won’t miss out.

There is a lot to this program, and you guys know me well enough to know that it’s going to be awesome. I’ve been doing a version of this in a private setting for a while now (at a much higher cost than this class) and it’s truly amazing how effective it is. This is essentially private coaching to implement everything that I teach in a small group setting, it doesn’t get better than that.

The cost of this class is the same as a three session package, and you’ll get far more of my time and guidance during these three weeks, so it’s definitely worth it. I don’t know if I will do this intensive again in this group format this year or not, so take advantage of this opportunity while it’s here!

If you have questions, just email. If you’re ready to dive in, then sign up asap while spots are still available.