In these times of what seems like continuous global struggle, war, and tragedy – what can we do to contribute to the solutions? Choose love, choose happiness in your now. It may seem too simple, or even trite in light of the horrors going on around the world on a daily basis, but it is truly the solution. It may not seem as though you alone can make a difference in these things that are so far out of your control, but you can. When you hold a higher vibration, you contribute to the whole in a profound and powerful way, uplifting everyone around you as well as the consciousness level on the planet.

So many people have felt the calling to be a healer or a lightworker during these times -know that there is nothing for you to achieve or accomplish before you can embody that calling. You can do that simply by being you, while sitting wherever you are, and as you hold that higher frequency you bring that energy into the mix of the whole – changing it for the better. It’s not about what you do, it’s about the vibration that you hold while you do it, the state of consciousness that you embody and anchor in for yourself and thereby the whole. The best thing you can do for anybody else is to find your own alignment, your flow, your ease, peace, and happiness.

The key is keeping your focus on things that feel better, no matter how small or simple. Keep your eyes on what IS working, what is going well. You can be informed without being inundated. You can look at what is going on, but you have to eventually choose to stop looking at what is wrong and move beyond the natural negative reaction to a better feeling place so that you can contribute to the solution – because the frequency of the problem and the frequency of the solution are on two different channels. You have to hold a higher vibration in order to have anything to offer. You know you are holding a higher vibration when you feel good – neutral, peaceful, content, loving, compassionate, positive, optimistic, helpful, happy, joyful, etc. This is the place where the solutions flow, where inspiration comes and the call to action feels right. This is where miracles happen.

So FEEL peace and it will surround you, FEEL love and it will be reflected back to you, FEEL the joy and beauty of the Inner Beings of all those who are suffering and you will assist them in reconnecting to that stream. BE the change, embody it, become it, radiate it with the vast and beautiful power of creation that you ARE and you will change this world in your now moment.