Ask yourself:

If I had no limitations, if I could have, do or be anything I wanted – what would I choose?

If I had more money than I could ever spend, how would I live?

If my body could look and feel any way I wanted it to – what would that look like?

If my life was filled with happy, supportive, loving, uplifting, fun, adventurous, interesting people – what would that look like?

If I could have any talent, ability, or superpower ever imagined – which ones would I choose and how would I play with them?

If I could give a gift to humanity – what would that be?

Because I love myself, I’m going to…..

Just ask yourself open ended questions and then let your mind play.  Don’t take your current life into your daydream and try to transform it, jump right into Being the Magic already, living the outcome as though it’s already happened.