You know that saying “hindsight is 20/20”? Well, it’s often true – and it often applies to patterns you’ve moved beyond, things you’ve cleared and healed and no longer live. More often than not you can look back and see how your perspective and mindset was so different when you were in the middle of that struggle vs. being on the other side of it. The best learning tool in the world is life experience – but you have to take note of the before and after, the change within yourself, in your perspective, and in your outer world, in order to actually gain the wisdom offered from those experiences.

Take a few minutes and think of something that is now working well for you that you previously had to work toward. Think of how you felt during that struggle, what your mindset was, how that felt so far outside of you. And now that you have it, notice how easy it is. Notice how thinking from the perspective of having it is so very different than ‘moving toward’ it. It just IS, and you feel and see the world through a very different filter because of that.

The nuances of conscious creation are where the gems lie, they’re also where the lynch pins lie – those places where you can make tiny adjustments and get huge manifestational shifts as a result. If you take the time to really look at this objectively in your own life, you’ll start to see some really clear insights as to where you can make those adjustments right now. We’ve been doing this very thing in our Mastermind group, and our tribe has been sharing the most amazing insights and life changing shifts as a result. All it takes is doing it, so what are you waiting for?