This has been such an amazing month in our Mastermind group, it’s been one of my favorite rounds so far! With the Lions Gate and Eclipse energy rolling through and amplifying everything under the surface, people have had some really wonderful breakthroughs and expansion. So many insights, ah-ha moments, clarity, awareness, awakening, complete forgiveness, releases, shifts, healing, manifestations, and being in flow and in joy!!  I thought about writing about some of these stories to share these inspiring and uplifting examples with you, but then I figured – what better way than through their own words? The following are a few posts from our Mastermind group members in our private Facebook group over the last couple of weeks (shared with permission, names withheld for privacy). I know they’ll light you up and show you what’s possible. This is what the journey of self empowerment looks like when you have the tools, fully commit to your own joy, and have a loving, supportive, uplifting community to celebrate your successes with!!

*When we refer to the “DET’s”, those are the Daily Energy Transmissions that are part of the Mastermind program. If you’d like to learn more, or become part of this amazing community of the most awesome, like minded people you could ever meet, you can do so here:

So, lol, I think this must be my favorite lifetime so far! Because I love witnessing & participating in the radical transformation I see & sense around me—a deeply thrilling transformation taking infinite forms. THANK YOU, all! For the moment, I’m drunk on all of the joy & delight. & very much hoping the shadows that many are experiencing continue to release & transform!!!! Another ah-ha moment. It feels like the TV show House where he gets his ah-ha moment cues from completely unrelated subjects. I had a conversation with my husband who’s a retired golf pro. For a while his golf game was pretty bad after retirement, but he’s been winning a bunch of matches lately. I asked him what changed? He said, “I really don’t care anymore.” Then I heard April, “he’s in a place of neutrality, it’s neither here nor there…”!! Ha!! Love this, April . Thank you for saying these things again and again.

Oh my gosh, April I can’t even begin to tell you how the call yesterday impacted me. You helped clear up a lot of things that I didn’t quite understand regarding the quantum. I want you to know that from my heart to yours …. I love you and I’m grateful for the “friendship” that we have. (Even if it’s just through Facebook and Your classes) You have helped me understand the importance of DREAMING BIG and LIVING LARGE!!!!!!

Loved LOVED the wisdom and insight on so many awesome topics today ESPECIALLY the clarification on reincarnation, time lines, and such… I can wrap my mind around questions I’ve wondered for years! THANK YOU April!!!!! ALSO, I had this CRAZY FUN THING happen during the call….About the time your activation started, I had to take my son to the high school to “fix” his “botched up” schedule before school starts on Monday, and of course, was playing the rest of the call over car speaker on the way.. My son tells me “Mom, you can’t meditate – YOU have to drive…I’LL listen” … well, by the time we got to the school – he was all FIRED UP to “hold his VISION of what he WANTED his schedule TO BE for the school year” while he met with the counselor. I am sorry to tell you that I only got to hear half of April’s answer to your fantastic question, because he was SO excited when he got back in the car I couldn’t even hear it (thankfully there’s a replay). Not only did he NOT have to take a class he didn’t want, he was placed in a class he REALLY wanted which he didn’t think he could take until his SR, year. He says “Mom, do you think April could help me get a girlfriend?” and I said “Son, sorry, but she answered that one while you were out of the car.” Thank you April for making our every day life such an adventure!!!!!!!

When I first found April a couple of months ago, I was crawling out of a dark deep hole. I dove into her work with both feet doing her exercises, MP3s several times a day. I did 3 personal sessions with her and then signed up for a month of DET’s [Mastermind Class]. She cleared away the blocks and limiting beliefs and I replaced them by vigilantly watching/changing my thoughts….just like she said….she can clear for us but WE have to create for ourselves. I’m happy to say that my income this month is more than the first 6 months of this year combined!!! I’m loving my life and excited about creating what I want. THANK YOU APRIL!!! … If I can do it, everyone can do it!

I am so grateful for the DET’s!
It is getting easier every day to hold a higher frequency around old situations…
I decided to write a list of great old memories that I can easily
hold and keep a higher vibration…I am noticing more energy and stamina than a week ago yea~~
It just keeps getting better and better

I so agree with you! One of the reasons why going into the MasterMind group was not a hard decision. It is something that I want to happen continuously without thought. I love April’s insight and healing energy. She is one who has such strength. I do not continuously write about all my successes however I have noticed in the months when I did not do the DET’s I would have more issues and problems cropping up and energy getting stuck. When I did subscribe to the DET’s it was like self love cushion around me always through the month and I had faith and trust that my day was the best day ever! Love you April!!!!! It just keeps getting better and better. I can say I do see my growth personally and in the world. Opportunities to heal ideas and concepts to release are coming up and allowing me to be more free. I love that faith and trust and feeling worthy have brought me to a point of being more free– who knew you could feel this free! Freedom such a word who knew how important it really is. For women most of all because we are the one group that has so many relying on us that the word somehow becomes a fallacy. Wow to know that freedom is attainable in the soul is a wonderful thing. Thank you April for this discovery — it is new to me and now that I am writing this I feel and see that I am as free as I have always wanted to be. I right now feel no restrictions!!! Love that!

I’ve been reading some of your guys stories. So I thought maybe it’s time to share some . Plus April came in to my thoughts again this morning, like she has many times on my journey the past couple of years, and massive tears started flowing!!! I ran across April a few years ago on the John Burgo’s show. I friended her on F. B. I was at a point where all the teachings and info seemed to be about clearing and working on figuring things out and needing to take steps and time to do this and that. It just didn’t feel right. It’s like I knew inside there is a simple, powerful, clearer way to do things. Then I heard April say something in her beautiful, simple, direct way like she does and so easy to understand and get for those that are ready . I remember putting a comment on her post saying – thank you, you have the wisdom and knowledge I have been looking for. LOL. It triggered and opened something up in me. Anyway, about manifesting. I had a metal plate in my back where the doctors removed a disc and put in a cadaver disc. . I had a metal eye hook in my elbow to hold tendons or what ever you call them together because they were too torn and too short to reconnect thru surgery. I had a lump on my Thyroid and they wanted to cut out my Thyroid. I’m not sure when or how it all changed, but all the metal is gone and I feel I have grown back the original parts and my Thyroid is fine and a lot of psychological stuff ( as the doctors labeled it ) disappeared. Of course I was just waking up, not going crazy. My Mom thought I was crazy also, until I gave her a hug last year and it helped her heal her lung problem instantly, C.O.D. and a bunch of other stuff that was getting worse. And then a few months later her blood problems started going away from some things I learned to do to help her energy. Now Mom knows what I’m talking about . I hope this wasn’t to long .LOL. But I wanted to say it because April was the one that gave me the confirmation I needed to hear at the time to let me know how powerful we are and how energy can work. She is a great one to listen to and learn from to realize we can all do this stuff !!! Thank You again April. Love you.

WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! Between the DETs and Eclipse and Lion Gate energies, I am starting to release lots and see patterns in my life. Saw a post yesterday by a Vet to please be with your pets at the end of their time. Due to a huge misunderstanding, I was not there to love and kiss my cat Prince goodbye – cried over loss then BUT I had NOT forgiven the nurse, Vet or myself. Then I last night dreamed that the two loves of my life – both broke my heart into zillions pieces – came back with a ring to make everything OK, then more slapstick craziness ensued. I woke up this morning talking to God and acknowledging that they both had a role to play in my life and that they had their own things to work through. So I forgave them, again, and sent them back into the light. Then during the DET, I also for forgave the nurse, the Vet and myself – and Prince showed up to tell me “I love you” and “All is Well”. I cried, not in sadness, but in release. Now I feel that I can float away!!! NOT REALLY, LOL! I have my grounding cord wrapped around Mother Earth’s heart chakra really good, LOL!! I SEE clearly now that learning to forgive and forgiving is playing a big part in my life. And then to confirm this, the email from TUT this morning was: “Did you know that you can interpret any and all of the past events of your life as ones that have unfolded in your greatest favor? I say do.” YES, I GET IT! NOW I DESERVE A NAP AND ICE CREAM, LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Good Morning Happy Peeps! First I want to say Thank you to April for a really fantastic call and for answering my question! I also wanted to share some of my personal breakthrough’s in hopes that it may be helpful to the group! This may be long but hopefully helpful!!

So we all have different areas where we already have created what we want and the areas that we are still creating. So my experience is this, 30+ years ago I was in my late 30″s, recently divorced, had 4 kids, a full time job and several part time jobs. Along with this I was trying to get back into the dating game after 17 years of being married and find Mr. Right. With such a busy schedule this was not easy and about the only venue I had on occasion was to go to Happy Hours with people I worked with…still don’t know why they call it Happy Hour…haha! So after months and months of meeting all the Mr. Wrong’s and being totally obsessed with meeting a guy, I said FORGET THIS, I’m not doing this anymore!! And I remember clearly to this day thinking, I just want to meet someone NORMAL, someone who has a really good, steady job, has their life and shit together, is honest and trustworthy and who can give me a good life and both financial and personal security and who would take on 4 kids! And I forgot about it, stopped going to Happy Hours and went about my business. Then out of the clear blue, met my current husband, thru work, and we’ve been married 23 years. And let me tell you I got EXACTLY WHAT I ASKED FOR! (in hind sight I left a couple of things out! haha) But for the most part I have had 23 years of a REALLY, GOOD LIFE! Have what I want or need, mostly honest and trustworthy (we all slip up from time to time) financial and personal security, and out of 23 years I have only worked for maybe 5 or 6 years. And for the most part I pretty much never think about money, it’s just always there. So for me these things are like April said in the call…a given! But there are other things that I am now in the process of creating like better health, physical fitness, weight loss.

After yesterdays call, I listened to the replay again and then went back thru my journals and what did I find…constant obsessing over my weight, blah, blah, blah this about my weight and starting my diet over and new diet…blah, blah, blah, and how many times a day I think about loosing weight or what I ate and constantly weighing myself and thought again…NOW THIS IS ENOUGH! No wonder it isn’t working! QUIT IT!!

So now I’m setting my focus on remembering how EASY all the other stuff was to manifest…it was literally 5 or 6 months from the thought to the outcome! And now trying to shift those easy feelings into my CURRENT CREATIONS! Shift my focus and perspective to I AM ALREADY SLIM AND TRIM, I AM ALREADY PHYSICALLY FIT AND FEEL AND LOOK FANTASTIC, I AM ALREADY HEALTHY and keep reframing and FEELING IT BE AS EASY AS IT WAS BEFORE! And enjoying whatever I put in my mouth cause MY BODY KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT TO DO WITH WHATEVER I GIVE IT!

Thanks everyone for indulging me in my long story and hope it may help some of you! Much Love and Hugs to All!

WOW. I’m buzzing. I so appreciate you taking my call and all of the examples you gave today. You’ve talked about the difference between looking forward to having something and the having of it. NOW, I finally get it. So excited to see what comes next by correctly using this approach. Woo-hoo, I had a light bulb moment. Love you April.

April, today was the first day in 4 and 1/2 months that I stayed in neutral and peace all day after today’s call and that included an hour on the phone with Verizon. BTW as i was on the call with them I finally just said, as the rep went to go check with her supervisor and put me on hold, wow, they approved the credit and it is okay as if it were done! as soon as she came back to the phone and this is when i got paid for being me, she says: you have been a long time customer and because of that we are willing to give you $$ credit on this invoice. YES!! coming from it not towards it. Thank you!! What a powerful call! And how lovingly and generously all the questions were answered…

Thank you from the bottom of my heart , dear April! I am so grateful and love so much your unique way of giving us clear, direct, energetically charged and filled with so much Love and encouragement answers! What an extraordinary way of connecting us all in OurHappyPlace of Joy, Clarity and Manifestation.
I guess I would listen to your wisdom for as long as you would like to share…Blessings and Adoration

Good Morning everyone! I’m just back from working in PA for a few days. My presentation went extremely well….. started working with 14 new clients, so I am sooooo excited that my life is moving forward again. Thank you April!!!

I had a really big Ah Ha….. when I made a deposit at the bank, the teller said I was off by $20…. I thought she meant I was short a $20 bill for my deposit (even though I’d counted twice), but I was over….so she handed me a $20 bill….. just like the exercise in Week 2 that I’d been practicing!!! OMG…MAGIC!!!

THANK YOU, dearest April & all!

I have been feeling EXTREMELY joyous with the unfolding of the eclipse energies—woweeeee. Thank you for the extra support, April! It is so fun to feel so CLEAR & OPEN & SUPPORTED to perceive, receive & enJOY the MAGIC! Yay to all of the joys of this extra awareness! …It was the final day of an artist’s residency I was completing . So I finished up work in my incredible studio ( it felt like the studio of my dreams… & now I will be looking forward to a studio like this that I own/ have unlimited use of… !!!! Coming my way in divine ease & grace! ) & spent quite a long time thanking this magical space, & my guides, & the fairies of studios who are pointing the way to my new studio, lol, & also thanking many others!!!!!! Including our group! Yay! I have really been getting carried away planting seeds to support the continuous flowering of all this ‘play’…the ‘play’ in my life & generally the play of positive change in our world! …I feel I can also already look back at this time & appreciate it as an indicator that change HAS occurred, PROFOUNDLY, as April has been guiding us to do.

I spent the rest of the day playing in nature, in the heaven on earth where I ‘happened to be’ (thank you god!!!!!!!!!)—-walking in woods of tall healthy trees, exploring the wild vegetable & flower gardens, buzzing like the happy bee that I seemed to be (!!!!!!) between ancient apple trees in a very (!) dreamy apple orchard & swooning at all the astonishing beauty all around me, where I had been blessed to spend so much time !!!!! …so good to feel grounded in nature as all of these wonderful energies come in!!!!! It really helps me feel & welcome more.

That was enough, lol, but I also spent several hours with a fun pod of ‘humans’ I had met while there, who seemed to be more like human DOLPHINS — we played around & shared & laughed. …all of the spontaneity was just like the best parts of being a child (& a dolphin!), & as a group we also spontaneously expressed our big dreams!

Yay! Wow! I have really been savoring these open doors!!!! I felt at times like I had slipped into a future, but was very excited to realize this was actually… of course….. the righT NoW! …I have been watching ‘the past’ keep changing, too! Releasing ‘struggles’ really changes the landscape! I am excited to keep surrendering linear time!

If you ever find yourself needing to reach for a happy thought to bring your vibes up and start manifesting come here to this happy place. I do!!! Read through some of the posts, they will bring smiles and when someone is sharing a manifestation say YES!!! I can do that too. As April says this happy vibe spreads to the other areas in your life you are wanting to manifest. I so love magic and all of you!